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Gay Airline Celebrates First Take Off

Fresh Air, the world’s very first gay airline announced its debut take off to the deservedly popular and gay-friendly Budapest, host city to EuroGames 2012 Budapest between June 27– July 1. The cargo is gay and straight athletes and visitors from 32 countries around the world, arriving especially for this prestigious occasion. The world’s first devotedly gay airline was recently established in order to fill the gap left by traditional, boring airlines and to satisfy the increasing demand by all sorts of consumers – sporting a rainbow of tastes and sexual orientations – for services provided in a gay atmosphere.

Why Budapest? As the first Central-European country selected to organize EuroGames – a gay-friendly multi-sport competition open to heterosexuals as well – this vibrant city is the best choice of destination this summer to introduce Fresh Air’s unique services to consumers in the sky business. EuroGames, a little sister to the London Olympic Games, enjoys the attention and support of the European Union and of other major cities also involved in the event. Sports icons, leaders in politics and economy will raise the stakes with their world fame visiting EuroGames 2012 Budapest as well. They, of course, will also be using the services of Fresh Air to get to their destination in the most comfortable, stylish and fun manner legally possible on a commercial airline.

Owners of Fresh Air are aware that EuroGames has attracted at least 10000 visitors anywhere in Europe in previous years. Fresh Air holds a strong grip or rather, a gentle, but firm massage on the target group, providing information about Eurogames in Fresh Air offices in all 32 countries. The competition – open to both professionals and amateurs – features 18 games, countless events, cultural, fun and professional outings included. On the flight to Budapest passengers will receive a special information booklet and DVD titled “Gay Situation in Budapest,” enlisting the most vibrant clubs, baths, theatres, sporting facilities and other points of interest in the progressive and gay- friendly city of Budapest.

Owners and stakeholders at Fresh Air told the press that they also believe FA flights to Eurogames 2012 Budapest will bring quality tourism to the city, generating a 500 ,000 Euros revenue to Hungary. The first gay airline’s motto, too, resonates with the spirit of the Olympic Games: “We all play the same, no matter which team we belong to.” Those interested in this unique venture in the sky business can watch Fresh Air’s intro video on their website.

Check out the debut video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qjsbFE0iLk and the website of Fresh Air: http://freshairlines.org!