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About EuroGames 2012 Budapest

 27th of June – 1st of July, 2012

Location: Budapest, Hungary

In numbers
  • 4+1 days of sport: 18 sports, 3800 athletes, 2200 supporters, 4000 visitors
  • 4+1 days of tourism and culture
  • 5 days conferences: human rights, minority issues, equal representation and business opportunities
The social objectives of the EuroGames 2012 Budapest

The event is:

  • improving the reputation of Hungary as a leading country of democratic values in the region
  • supporting the Hungarian candidacy to host the Summer Olympic Games in 2020
  • supporting the local community with guests in local hotel, restaurants, shops etc.
  • promoting healthy life and sports with a special emphasis on amateur sports
  • showing the power of volunteering and equality in sports
  • giving a new chance for tourism in Budapest to win a new group of the LGBTQ community as future clients
  • giving a good example to the other countries in the region, regaining the sympathy of the socially and economically more developed part of Europe
The economical objectives of the EuroGames 2012 Budapest
  • An average tourist spends usually 2.4 days in Budapest – EuroGames guests stay at least 1 or 2 nights longer.
  • An average tourist spends usually 12,400 HUF (ca. 47 EUR) a day in Budapest (though EuroGames guests tend to spend more). If we count only with the average spending, 5 days and 10,000 participants, we get 10,000 x 5 x 12,400 = 620,000,000 HUF (ca. 2,339,620 EUR).
  • An average tourist pays 14,500 HUF (ca. 55 EUR) per night in Budapest for accommodation. If we count with this average, the income for hotels in Budapest will be 14,500 x 10.000 x 5 = 725,000,000 HUF (ca. 2,735,850 EUR).
With all the other spending of our guests we count with a total income of 1,500,000,000 – 1,800,000,000 (ca. 5,660,380 – 6,792,000 EUR) in Budapest during the EuroGames.

For further information please visit www.eurogamesbudapest.hu